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October 16th, 2013, 01:40 PM
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Did you waddle during pregnancy or have you started waddling in this pregnancy? I think with DS I didn't waddle to much until the last month. Now DD was 3 + pounds bigger than DS so I waddled a lot and much sooner.
When did it start? With DD probably around month 8 start.
Did you ever have trouble getting up from sitting or have you had trouble getting up during this pregnancy? Oh yes both previous pregnancies. This time not yet except for being tired and wanting help up from that.
Did you ever lose sight of your feet, if pregnancy can you still see your feet? Yep both times. This time I'm sure I will also, especially since I'm showing much earlier already.
Did your butt and boobs grow too? Boobs yes, butt I'm not sure, probably.
Are your hips bigger since having kids or if this is your first pregnancy are your hips bigger yet? Some, not a lot though.

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