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October 16th, 2013, 03:24 PM
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Did you waddle during pregnancy or have you started waddling in this pregnancy? Yep I'm a waddler but I try not to do it too bad in public.

When did it start? I can't really remember with my first pregnancy, somewhere around 32 weeks probably. This time I am already waddling. My pelvic bone is wide open and it hurts to walk.

Did you ever have trouble getting up from sitting or have you had trouble getting up during this pregnancy? Yes to both. I'm falling apart

Did you ever lose sight of your feet, if pregnancy can you still see your feet? I haven't ever lost sight of my feet. I mean, I can always see the tips of my toes, haha. BUT, I haven't seen my vagina in weeks!

Did your butt and boobs grow too? My boobs get slightly bigger. Probably not big enough for anyone besides me to notice. My butt unfortunately grows too. Mommy's got back!! And not the cute kinda back that pouches out... it's the wide-load kinda back where you hear a random beeping noise when you walk in reverse.

Are your hips bigger since having kids or if this is your first pregnancy are your hips bigger yet? I slimmed back down after my first pregnancy and now I'm all plumped up again. I hope my hips don't stay widened but I have a feeling they will go back to normal, or almost normal.

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