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October 16th, 2013, 03:42 PM
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Can you believe I'm already almost 28 weeks?! At my last ultrasound (19 weeks) baby was measuring almost a full week ahead. I'm not sure when I get another ultrasound. Hopefully soon because I have been having all kinds of anxiety here recently. I'm waiting for my head nurse to call me back, she was gone this past week but is supposed to be back tomorrow (Thursday) so that's when I'm supposed to expect her to call me. I had some weird back pains and recently walking has become SUPER painful, like my pelvic bone is spread wide open. I have to admit it's probably all my fault. I have been trying to pack things up to get ready to move and have been lifting heavy stuff... like probably 40+ lbs (please don't shame me, I know it was stupid!) I'm hoping she will schedule an u/s for me, otherwise I think my doctor wants me to wait until 34-36 weeks!!! (I might go coo-coo bananas before then)

I'm not a psychic and I have been wrong about plenty of things in the past, but, I had a feeling with Clyde that he was going to be born around 38 weeks, and he was. NOW, with this pregnancy, I feel like this baby is going to be born earlier than that. I have no idea how early, but I'm worried. Every week that passes now I give a sigh of relief and think to myself "We made it past one more week...."

Enough about me!! I'm so happy for you Courtney and praying so hard this is your happy, healthy, beautiful rainbow baby!! I want this so badly for you!!

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