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October 16th, 2013, 07:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Twirlbird View Post
My ds(6 month old) has been horribly constipated and finally got him to have a mushy poop(can you tell I'm a sahm?)
lol DS2 has a TON of bowel issues. When he gets constipated we give him miralax to help him got. We started off with 0.5-1 tsp and have increased it to 1.5-2 tsp. a night. He goes back and forth between constipation and diarrhea.

Originally Posted by Peppermint22 View Post
Not much going on around here. I'm going to attempt to get my house organized this weekend. I really need to get the closets cleaned out. Then after I get all of that done I'm going to read Stephen Kings new book!! I'm pretty excited about it. I wait every yr for his new book to come out!!
I have never read a Steven King book to the end. I always get almost to the end, but then stop cause he seems to drag the endings on lol

Originally Posted by Mrs.Julie View Post
I'VE had my first ever migraine all week! Is it normal for them to last 8 days (and counting)? Ugh- so that's where I've been, of course with a 15 month old there's no hiding out in a dark bedroom! I'm stepping up my sway diet since ttc is only 3 months away. And the bigs school stuff has been taking a lot of time. Oh, and did I mention dh just got a teaching job and is going to class nights as well so I see him like 2 hours during the week? Yeah. Busy stuff around here.
OMG. I feel you!! I went to the chiro and he reversed mine and it got better, but it didn't go completely away. :'( I "think" mine is finally gone. It started coming back pretty hard core this evening, but I don't notice it right now. Hopefully I'm not jinxing anything!!

Originally Posted by MissusF View Post
Not too much going on here. We move into our house on the 26th and while I am looking forward to having my stuff back, I will miss the hotel! DH is working this weekend and I might take Claire to my parent's house and go to the pumpkin patch.
Why were you living in the hotel? Did I miss this post? Did your living arrangements flood or something? Yay for getting your stuff back!
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