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October 16th, 2013, 09:51 PM
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I have 2 girls now, we are so blessed of having both of them. So for the coming pregnancy, me and my husband have been aiming for a baby boy which stressed us out in the whole year. I have done a lot of preparation to get a baby boy. I started to take spirulina which i heard that it can help change my body PH to more alkaline since Dec 2012 which sperm Y like alkaline environment. On 5/10/13, I got nipple pain, feel slight pain like period pain which I thought it could be my ovulation, and my cervix mucus is very wet and slippery to the peak on that day. Then we intercoursed on 6/10/13, 1.30am which was our first intercourse after my period. But according to my BBT chart, my ovulation date is on 7/10/13. Im wondering that I might get a baby girl again this time, because if the BBT chart is correct, we were too early to intercourse which caused the Sperm Y can't live longer and wait for the egg to release. Im so depressing now. Can anyone of you tell me, am I too early to intercourse? am I getting a baby girl again??
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