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October 16th, 2013, 10:38 PM
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so i took another one a few hours later and it's more like the first one. I actually with the first one it was like my 4th pee of the day and with this one it was only my second pee of the day. I don't have any discharge. Im thinking it had something to do with the second morning urine. Ill post a picture of this new test

so the first one was yesterday with a 4th pee of the day around 4 the second one was 2 pee of the day and then the last was today with 4th pee of the day. Thinking since it was morning urine it was a false . Especially since I don't have any ewcm in which i usually am abundant on. My husband wont be back tell friday morning so hopefully this wasn't a surge for real. My temps will hopefully tell me
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