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October 17th, 2013, 05:58 AM
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HI! My name is Jackie and I just got my BFP on October 11! This is my third pregnancy, but still working on our first child.

DH and I had been NTNP since October 2012, after marrying in June, 2012. However, we have been together for 11 1/2 years already I was not even expecting to fall pregnant as it hadn't happened in 6 months after going off of BC, but while I was out of town for work (flying, had a few beers, didn't eat well) I realized that I may be pregnant. I had a very early M/C on Memorial Day (may 27, 2013) which happened naturally less than a week after we found out.

Then the first cycle afterwards, I began tracking ovulation and fell pregnant immediately. My OB started tracking my progression with weekly U/S. The baby was growing well and started to generate a heartbeat. By the third scan, we went back and the baby had stopped growing. This was in September, and I had a D&C on September 5, when I was right at 8 weeks

Since then, I was a very bad patient, as you can probably tell by the math, and got pregnant again before letting a full cycle pass ) The downfall....I have no idea how far along I am and don't know when I will go in for my first scan. If you consider the D&C CD1, and if I would have ovulated on or around CD 21 (which was when I ovulated on the month I tracked) then it seems a due date would be mid- to late-June, 2014.

I had my Betas drawn starting last friday, because I wanted to catch it early, as well as my progesterone, on Dr's orders. OB prescribed me Promethium 100mg, 3x daily to hopefully help this pregnancy.
HCG 1 = 19 (10/11)
HCG 2 = 48 (10/13)
Progesterone = 13.6

I found this board, by seeing a few othEr familiar faces from the TTCAL board. After having 2 miscarriages this year already, I am soooo nervous I was irresponsible and got pregnant too quickly, just to have another miscarriage. On the other hand, I am happy also because it may be a sign that everything will go well. I am just nervous, and cautious and happy, all at the same time.

Sorry for being so long winded, but I was up half the night thinking, stressing, being anxious. Just needed to get it out out of my brain somehow.... And DH thinks I am crazy

Thanks for reading!
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