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October 17th, 2013, 06:42 AM
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Thank you so, so much. <3
So much of what you say makes so much sense and it's really inspiring.
I cannot imagine my coworker being my sister instead. You are very strong. My sister just had a baby in August and it has been hard just seeing him and pictures of him at times. Your sister is lucky to have you, someone who is trying so hard to be happy for her when you've been put in such an unfair position.
I think the overwhelming thoughts of "it's not fair" is one of the hardest parts. I just want to scream it sometimes, lol.
I felt like something was 'off' during my pregnancy too, I think. I wasn't having many symptoms and I was worried something was going to go wrong from the beginning.
I just started a new job at the beginning of September. It is my first job ever in my career, teaching. It's very stressful, and was extra stressful in the beginning, as I was hired not even a week before school started. I found out I was pregnant on my first day with students. After the miscarriage, I worried that maybe it was somewhat my fault because maybe it was the stress that did it..but I try not to think that way and know that it probably would've happened either way..I hope.

It definitely is a messy and complicated are right! To have to go down this road after experiencing so much joy is hard. There's LOTS of ups and downs.

I've seen a couple of your posts about your early tests and I am SOO hoping for you that this is it for you!! I can totally see the lines and I agree with you that I think they would've faded more!

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