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October 17th, 2013, 08:02 AM
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Hey everyone! I changed my username. I am your old host ~~Que~~. I'm pretty sure the last time I posted, I had many false promises of being around more. So I'd like to apologize for not following through. Life has been very hard lately. It took me a while to find balance with my new midwifery apprenticeship. Once I found that balance, our family took a big hit when my father in law fell 35 feet off of scaffolding (he is a builder) and is now quadriplegic. I've spent every waking moment in the hospital with him over the last several months, and helping my in laws to arrange their affairs. This has certainly been a life changer. I changed my username because of my current career change from Doula work to midwifery. Anonymity will be important when/if I talk about personal/controversial topics on the boards so that my internet presence is not unprofessional.

Anyhow, my father in law is getting out of the hospital next week, and our life is finding a new normal. I hope to be more active here. I'll be spending the next week or two catching up on conversation and getting to know everyone who's here right now.
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