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October 17th, 2013, 08:06 AM
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I never much cared for my name. It's just one of those plain-jane names like...well...Jane. I always thought my little sister's name (Julie Anna) was so much prettier than mine, and I was jealous of it. My mom always tells me about how she wanted to name me Genevieve or Elise but my dad said no. I like those names better than my own.

In high school and university I went by Jo because I thought it was more fun/cute/quirky/whatever than Joanne. My family and friends from back then still sometimes call me Jo, but mostly as an adult I've always gone by Joanne.

I wouldn't change it, but I certainly don't love it. It just is what it is. Besides, as a stay at home mom, I almost never hear my own name. I'm mommy to the kids, and DH calls me "dear" 95% of the time.

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