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October 17th, 2013, 11:48 AM
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I thought they were really helpful. I also charted. I almost always ovulated a day or 2 after getting a positive ovulation test. When you see ewcm that is supposed to be when you are the most fertile. For me the ewcm didn't usually line up with my ovulation date, for a lot of girls it does. But, I usually was drier on the actual day I ovulated and tended to see the ewcm a couple days before I ovulated. The day you have fertile cm is the best time to get pregnant so if you bd on that day I would think this would be a good sign. I would speculate that you ovulated either on the day of the ewcm or a couple days after, but without using an ovulation test or a chart it's hard to say for sure. I would think you would be able to get a bfp if you in fact ovulated around that date, but since you have had irregular cycles in the past it's possible you geared up to ovulate and din't or something like that. It's kind of up to you and how anxious you are. I usually would take a test every day once I got close to AF but I am a bit crazy with tests. I might give yourself a few more days just because your cycles were longer and more irregular, if you can handle it. Maybe you could get a dollar store test. I have seen a lot of girls get early bfps with them.

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