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October 17th, 2013, 01:35 PM
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Thank you for your reply and your kind words. I understand how selfish it must sound to hear me talking about missing a holiday but it's 20 of our closet friends that we have grown up with and the first and last time we will all be together on holiday without children. I'm 28 but I really didn't think I'd be in this situation just have I have so many Amazing opportunities. Is it normal to feel so emotional, I haven't stopped crying and feel terrible that I am contemplating a termination. Surely I shouldn't be considering such a thing if it was right. I've always imagined being over the moon with joy but I just feel ill and cry all th time trying to figure it all out. I think I'm 10 weeks pregnant and I'm just so overwhelmed I've only just found out. Ie also been drinking and smoking up until last night (when I took the test) as I was unaware and I'm terrified I've damaged the baby.
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