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October 17th, 2013, 02:16 PM
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I spent a total of $4.00 on pregnancy tests, if that. I bought 2 from the dollar store, negative because it was 2 weeks away from my period when I tested, but knew I was pregnant, and then 2 $.88 cent ones from Wal-Mart, both positive 3 days before missed period...

Personally, I don't get women who spend $$ on ovulation tests and loads more on pregnancy tests. I was using cycle beads when I conceived, and conceived in the first month of NTNP, that WITH a guy who has trouble with his swimmers in the past.

Perhaps I'm just lucky, but I think the more stress we put on our bodies, charting and dipping and temping all in a months time TTC and trying to pick that PERFECT date to DTD, migt be having more adverse affects than positive...

Just my opinion though.
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