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October 17th, 2013, 05:02 PM
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Is it sad that it's hard for me to think of non-mom-related stuff? Lol. Everything else is from the past. Okay, here are 5 things about me now:

1. I love Star Trek TNG and we have all the seasons they are coming out with on blu ray! But I won't watch any Borg episodes because they stress me out.
2. I went from being a weirdly closeted non-religious super-liberal by Mississippi standards to a totally mainstream yuppie-ish not-that-crunchy type back in my hometown and it is still sometimes jarring to me. I didn't change at all but wow, different cultures. The fact that I'm not into "alternative medicine" makes me pretty unhip around here. Esp in mommy land.
3. I love books but I never buy them anymore except for on Kindle. I used to go into used bookstores and buy the strangest books I could find, things I found quirky and oddly compelling (and were usually very cheap). Occult, niche self-help, etc. My weirdest book is probably the one about baby head-shaping (which no, I never did!!)
4. I have only shaved my legs once in the past 3.5 months. Oh wait, that's *totally* mom-related
5. I'm out of ideas so here's one from the past. I used to be a head cook in my student days for my house of 30ish people. I did one day a week, meal planning and then all the cooking with one assistant helping. I was also head cook for an ecology class's field trip, all weekend, all meals and all the planning and directing with a group of 6 cooks. My food was good and I always took care of everyone who had any food restrictions, allergies, vegan, etc. I loved it because it was very emotionally validating even though it could be extremely stressful if things went wrong.

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