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October 18th, 2013, 03:08 AM
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With my first my waters were ruptured for me around 7cm dilated and I had started pushing half hour later.
With my second I had a very quick labour and started pushing at home, my fore waters broke at home before I left and the hind waters went once I arrived at the hospital when I was at the bottom of the lift still trying to stop pushing as I had not made it to delivery suite. I couldn't move from the lift so my daughter was born pretty quickly after I was inside the elevator.
There is no evidence to suggest artificial rupture of membranes speeds labour in subsequent pregnancies. In first labours it can make labour progress in average an hour quicker. I found it was significantly less painful with membranes in tact, women often find this as the waters act as a cushion for fetal head during contractions. The majority of women will find there waters go naturally if left during the 2nd stage of labour whilst pushing due to pressure exerted.
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