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October 18th, 2013, 08:44 AM
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Okay, I just typed an entire post and something happened and now its all gone!!!

Do they ask about your temps/tracking/symptoms/cycles? No. I never told him when I was tracking or when I was Oing. Sometimes I would say something about how I was feeling that could be a symptom without saying it was and he would say "maybe your pregnant" but that's as far as that goes.
Do they always step up to the plate when it's DTD time? Yes and no. I never told him when I was Oing (it stresses him out) so sometimes he would fall asleep or not feel like. But most of the time we had pretty good timing. So I guess yeah without knowing he did.
Do they calm your nerves when your stressing in the TWW? No. He never really knew how much I stressed about it so he didn't know that he had to or how to calm my nerves in the TWW. That's why you ladies are a god send.
Did they change any habits to help out TTC like taking vitamins, drink less, exercise, eat healthy? Read any books/websites/pamphlets lol? Yeah. I got him to cut back on smoking ( can't get him to quit completely, ughhh) he takes a daily men's vitamin, he tries to drink more water and juice. And already exercises a little because of his job, so that's never an issue.

Right now we are NTNP because he wants to take the "relaxing" way of doing it because he thought I was obsessing too much. After 15 months anyone would obsess that it hasn't happened yet. But he is never involved too much. I know he wants this as much as I do, but he doesn't want it to become what our entire life is about. He wants to still enjoy every day we have together the way we are now, before we get pregnant and have a baby. And he feels like if we obsess for years (at this point I am assuming it will take that long) before we have a baby then we will miss out on who we are as a couple now.

Did all that make sense? I was a little irritated I had to retype because my computer is stupid. lol
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