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October 18th, 2013, 09:10 AM
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Lol ummm well my DH already took vitamins and whatnot bc he's into weight lifting and he really never drank much anyway. He does send texts (bc he leaves for work before I wake) to remind me to take temp and vitamins. He doesn't really read up on stuff but he patiently listens to me babble on about what I read about (bless him) lol and well we DTD a lot anyway...basically daily with the occasional night we just fall asleep instead..we never say no to each other so that part was the easy part...HOWEVER while he listens to me and reminds me...its not like he gives me his view on something...sometimes I'd like to talk it out but he isn't really a big talker...he listens...hugs..kisses and holds me but his comfort and whatnot are rather silent...I get the occasional "it will be ok baby" but that's it...but to be fair he's that way on most stuff...he's just not the overly talkative type...which honestly balances us bc I talk too much
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