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October 18th, 2013, 09:11 AM
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Do they ask about your temps/tracking/symptoms/cycles?
Not really. He only got semi-interested when I had a few days of spotting last month before AF, since that was unusual for me.

Do they always step up to the plate when it's DTD time?
Most of the time. He likes a little, um, variety shall we say, in the bedroom so when I need a solid week or so of standard 'deposits' I have to make sure he knows I'll make it up to him later. That's how he knows I'm fertile without paying attention to all the details.

Do they calm your nerves when your stressing in the TWW?
No. I play it pretty cool at home. No dicussion of symptoms or when I can test, etc.

Did they change any habits to help out TTC like taking vitamins, drink less, exercise, eat healthy? Read any books/websites/pamphlets lol?
No. We haven't been trying very long this time, so I don't think it's necessary just yet.

He keeps asking me if I'm pregnant like the day after we BD. I know he knows how these things work so I think it's pretty funny. He wasn't totally on board with having another baby at first but now that we're working on it, I see him get more and more excited.

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