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October 18th, 2013, 10:08 AM
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right now, my baby's name is Yvonne Dianne Gerow. i'm not fond of it.

i would prefer a longer, glamorous, beautiful name. Yvonne has to stay. Dianne can go. i would prefer it start with an "m" or "l", but that's not really important. i have a little more than a month to find a name i love. the name we have has too many "n"s and doesn't flow well. oh, and Yvonne can be the first or middle name. that's not important either, it just has to be in the name.

if it helps, my first choice for her name was Audraleah Siren. baby daddy said no because i made up the name Audraleah, which means it's not a name, and Sirens aren't well represented in mythical lore. seriously.

anyway, any suggestions?
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