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October 18th, 2013, 10:24 AM
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Thanks for all your answers! It's fun to read, and funny to notice how most of your SO's have all this ''let's not stress about it attitude'', my BF is the same.

ask about your temps/tracking/symptoms/cycles?
He'll listen and is kind of interested in seeing what my temps will be in the cycle.
step up to the plate when it's DTD time?
I would be surprised if he ever say No, up to now he's been ready to go whenever I am loL!
Do they calm your nerves in the TWW?
I only had 1 TWW yet but he is patient, too patient , so our discussions were pointless: (Me: Ah man I should wait until 12dpo to test that is so long! Him: why don't you just wait until a week after your period is due and if it doesn't come then you will know so you can test) but I guess it's a good thing to prevent me from being too impatient. I like how some of you just play it cool at home ahah I will try that for my next TWW as I want to avoid all the reading into symptoms as much as possible.
Did they change any habits to help out TTC ?Read any books/websites/pamphlets lol?
I'm not sure if he read any websites but i know he won't read a book on fertility or even pregnancy lol As for the habits he quit smoking in August (he used to have like a pack a week) so that's really good. He keeps on saying he'll start going to the gym again but it hasn't happen yet...

One of the reason I was curious is that I got mad, well more like disappointed, with BF last night when I realized that he had 4 beers during the evening and was going to open another one. This wasn't at a party or anything, just a calm night of watching tv at home so I got upset - he said he had a bad day at work and it wasn't a usual thing. I dunno... just had this feeling that he is not doing any effort to be healthy.. but I may have been overeacting, this is only our 2nd cycle of TTC. I'm really more scared about not having a healthy baby than not conceiving right now as this is early in our TTC journey.

6/12/2013- 8 weeks
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