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October 18th, 2013, 10:35 AM
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Christmas lights teach color!
10 in the bed and the little one said helps with numbers!
Dr suess for letters!

But really, no your 4 year old is not behind. The only reason my 4 year old knows that kind of thing is he made the cutoff ( by 2 days) for preschool this year. Where they work on it.

If you can get him in a preschool setting, it may do wonders! In 2 months my son has learned so much, im a very lax mom in teaching things. I figure they have enough time to learn their whole lives, may as well let a baby be a baby. But preschool really helped with my son.

Try not to stress it and remember he is only 4! Just hearing things, they do sink in and he will learn. And you will be amazed. Within 6 months of kindergarten my kids were starting to read! Its amazing how fast they learn in school! He will get it!
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