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October 18th, 2013, 01:34 PM
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OK SOOOOOO.....CLEARLY I am annoyed.................

I texted someone I used to be really really close friends with, til her and her husband chose sides in my divorce from youngests dad and F***ed me over....story for another time.....anyway i texted her, we talk every now and then, and get along ok, i wanted to know if her sister who works at a local hospital could recommend an ob that she would trust doing a csection in the event I had to change my dr, (which i dont have to do yay) and with that I had to explain the why, which was hubby being laid off....she said she would ask her sister and how that sucked. and that was the end of the conversation....the end period....nothing else was said......that was a few days ago before I worked things out with my dr....

jump to today----you all know my hub is working again for the same company that laid him off.....i didn't feel the need to inform said "friend" of this because we don't really talk much and to be honest her name just never entered my friggin head...who cares right....well hub texts me from work today and says that he had a text and call from said "friend's" husband about a job....we have been down this road with these people before, only it was initiated by my husband to her husband, but the job just wasnt something he wanted to take. so just a little bit ago, I get a text from her saying "have greg(my hub) call eric (her hub) ASAP he may have found a job for him....i say i will when he gets home but that i don't know exactly what time that will be, but that i thought they had texted earllier this morning....she responds with where is he? that her hub may have found him a job, that my hub never answered her hub etc....(for the record my hub has his class a cdl with x endorsements for hazmat hauling ect., and he has some one riding with him training him, he doesn't answer the phone when he is driving) I tell her he is working and what happened there, since she asked even though i don't really see why its her business.....and that he is going to stay with ryder, unless he gets offered a better job with better pay, otherwise he will just stay where he is, we will have insurance in 30 days etc.....i asked her some questions i know my hub would ask about the cost of insurance, schedule, would he have to work out of town, etc....but I also informed her that he had gotten 3 other messages from 3 other companies about jobs today and he was going to look into all of is $15 an hour, m-f, off weekends and home every night, nothing out of town.......but that he would def check with her hub as soon as he could....she tells me it was the same oilfield stuff that he was doing before, which is out of town work at least 5 days at a i ask her the schedule, which she refuses to answer that question for some reason....i explain again that he is still looking at other jobs but that he is at least working now, which takes some of the pressure off....

the next message I get from her is this...and i quote "well he hasn't answered his(her hub) calls though and he has stuck his neck out for him again please make sure he calls him back" We didn't ask these for a D*mned thing.....we didn't ask her husband to do any of that....and the very audacity of this wench to throw this in my face makes me wanna punch someone right in the friggin throat.....

so i explain again that he doesn't answer when he is driving unless its an emergency, and that plus he has a rider with him today so he really can't, and that i know he checked his messages when he stopped for lunch and that again i do not know when he will be home and we have a ball game tonight so when he calls her hub back will just depend on the timing of everything today...but that i am quite sure he will call and look into it....she then says "well he needs to check into it when he can, just saying" "just so eric(her hub) doesn't look like a fool" WTH

Where do people get off, maybe someone should have checked with my husband first before doing something like that....hw is it my fault if yoru husband looks like a fool, and if you were just doing something to try and be helpful to someone you sure as hell don't wag it in their face like that....i mean come the H*ll on, really......uugggghhhh I am soo sick of people....the shear nerve of this B**ch makes me wanna vomit.....i am just beside myself that she would even say those things to me...and when I tell my hubs what she said, he is going to say FFFF them and not call anyone back...he doesn't play....i mean come on really....ugh

sorry for the rant girls and if you made it this far bless you....i am just super P*ssed off....
<----and wanna do that to people
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