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October 19th, 2013, 12:21 AM
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I had a love-hate relationship with my doppler in the early weeks like where you're at. Sometimes the heartbeat was so darn hard to find and sometimes I couldn't find it at all. Like you said, I ended up finding it really low in my pelvic area. It surprised me a little because my belly was already plump at the time. I thought for sure baby would be higher up, but no, he was still nice and snuggly down low.

I hope you have a fun day tomorrow with the kiddo's and the pumpkin patch! That sounds so fun. We aren't doing anything like that this year but I have seen tons of pictures of others taking their kids to them and they are all so precious. Don't over do it. Let the kids wear themselves out and not wear you out, lol. Enjoy your candy crush and let us know if DH is able to find the heartbeat next time and what his reaction is.

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