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October 19th, 2013, 09:09 AM
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After taking my Provera, and forgetting a dose or two, AF arrived today. Finally, after almost 3 full months of feeling bloated and disgusting. Maybe things will regulate... If they can figure out what the deal is with the CT scan Monday. The pain is still the same in my right ovary area. Of course google doesn't help. The new doctor did mention appendix... Who knows. I doubt anything to do with the appendix would cause AF to be so very late. I just hope and pray they figure it out Monday. This is miserable and doesn't make a good TTC scenario.

Has anyone else here gone months without AF and taken Provera? warning: there are huge clots and lots of blood. I just went and got super plus tampons. I hope that helps. The clots are so big I feel them fall out of me. Is this normal?
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