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October 19th, 2013, 09:34 AM
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I'm in my phone, so excuse typo's and error's, or any odd words it might auto correct to

I agree with the other ladies, but only as a last resort.

Since there are multiple things going on, what is the one thing you want fixed now? I bet that getting them to help out more around the house will make the biggest difference. Here's what I do, we stop what we are doing at least three times a day, mi-morning, after lunch and before bed. When we first start out we use laundry baskets and the kids are to get up and put everything that's out that doesn't belong out inside those baskets. This can be the job of the younger ones. Then the older ones put the stuff away. What isn't picked up and put away gets "lost". That can be the trash, sold or just put up. I do the deep cleaning, which isn't a big deal if everything is kept picked up. If something I ask is do e wrong they go back and do it again, however many times it takes to get it right. Sometimes a checklist helps when they are just learning.

It's not gonna be easy in the beginning, they are going to test you so be prepared to fight it out, and see it through. As for your son, never let that play a role in what he can and can't do. It does add a different factor but expect him to do the same as everyone else. My oldest has some sever learning disabilities (most likely falls on the spectrum) but he did what everyone else did.

Your DD who helps, mama the most important advice I can give you is to reward her. Whether that's some pocket change, a girls night, a new outfit here and there, you make sure she never questions how much you appreciate what she does for you. Doesn't matter is the other kids might think it's unfair, life isn't fair but those who do more, she get rewarded for it.

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