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October 19th, 2013, 02:33 PM
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It's good to hear that AF started, though I'm sorry it's making you feel gross and uncomfortable. I'm eager to hear how the CT scan goes. I hope that gives you some kind of answer. Did you tell your doctor about the tech's reaction? Not to throw her under the bus or anything, but just to share why you're concerned and how you thought it was unusual?

Thinking more, sort of on a side note, I do think it's okay to tell when a supporting staff member treats you in a way that is uncomfortable. After my D&C, I had a nurse's aide helping me, who told me all about her daughter's miscarriage and how it "made sense" because her daughter was already 30 yo. I let her know I was 33. She paused awkwardly and said, "Oh, well, you have time." I never shared that with any of the doctors but wish I had. I really didn't need someone to make me feel worse at that moment.
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