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October 19th, 2013, 06:02 PM
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Here, toys are supposed to be kept in the basement and put away, unless you are currently playing with it. Often toys trickle up the stairs and I will call an all hands on deck and grab a couple of laundry baskets and have them load them up. The littles are great at this task. Then I carry the basket to the basement and dump it in the toy bins. When they are fighting I turn off/take away whatever they are fighting about. This usually results them in bonding over how mean mom is.
Absolutely reward and give credit, thanks and something special to the one who is trying and really helping. That will not only encourage her to continue, but may also show the other kids to follow suit.
I am also often left "alone" with our 6 (my mom lives with us and is a tremendous help, but she is frail, so I try to limit what I ask of her when, where I can) Dh travels a lot for work.
Good luck. and big hugs. We are here for you at your convenience.
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