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October 19th, 2013, 07:26 PM
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My name is Danielle and I am 29 and my husband who is 27 and I have been trying now for 6 months to conceive our first. My husband and I are coming up on our one year anniversary in November and in May we decided it was time to start trying for a little one and honestly we figured it would happen sooner rather than later. I have been pregnant once before, but a long time ago (at the age of 20), but did not carry the baby to term. It's becoming very difficult to see these BFN's every month. We are on somewhat a time constraint because I have multiple sclerosis and in order to ttc, I have had to discontinue my monthly infusions and I cannot be placed on a another form of therapy due to potential harming of the baby if I do conceive.
I have been off meds now for 5 months in hopes that I do get pregnant soon because my neurologist says pregnancy is like a form of therapy for MS, as due to the change in hormones, your body goes into complete remission. I will have to get a follow-up MRI next month to make sure I do not have additional brain and spinal lesions and if I do, I will need to make a difficult choice, chance worsening my health if there are additional lesion and changes that cannot be reversed in order to continue trying to start medication again. I am hoping there are no negative changes on my MRI. I also have a retroverted uterus, which I am told should not make the process much more difficult. Who knows! I feel a little hopeless sometimes, but in the tww, I get a 2nd wind and start to hold onto hope. I'm a pretty positive person so I am just going to be so happy to finally see a BFP!
My obgyn has advised that she normally won't start an infertility work up, but due to my MS, she will start a work up after the 6 month mark so we're just praying that we won't have to do that and maybe we caught the little eggy this time around.
I also wanted to thank you all for being there when I needed answers and advise and just someone to "talk" to.
I had high hopes that when I stopped BC I would become pregnant quickly. My husband and I are both pretty active, eat pretty healthy etc., but this is proving to be more difficult.
I am extremely vitamin d deficient, as are most people with ms, which I have had for 7 years now and have been doing great. I started taking additional vitamin d supplements, as well as folic acid, vitamin b-12 and b-6, as well as a prenatal. The prenatal I have been one for the past 6 months, but this cycle I just started the additional D and B vitamins so I am really hoping that will help. We also started using pre-seed last cycle. This was the first cycle that I actually had ewcm though so I am pretty excited.

Here's to hoping this is it for us! Best of luck to everyone out there. FX'd!

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