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October 20th, 2013, 07:04 AM
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I couldn't post yesterday since we took a trip up north for the day but I did poas. I'll take a pic and post it a bit later . And gaaaah, no hpts left to poas this morning did I let this happen??? Solution: save my fmu and dip it later to come

I'm 13dpo and af is due today but I don't usually start until I stop the progesterone. My test yesterday (12dpo) wasn't any darker at all than my test at 10dpo and both lines were pretty faint but they are pink.

Anyone have experience with the trigger? Is it possible this is still from that hcg? I had a bfn frer at 8dpo but my pee was pretty diluted and my lines have barely changed at all since 9dpo .

Tomorrow is my "official" test day but hoping to see something pretty today *fx!!
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