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October 20th, 2013, 08:39 AM
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Do they ask about your temps/tracking/symptoms/cycles? Actually, yes. He looks at my chart daily!
Do they always step up to the plate when it's DTD time? He tries, when he's not working. He works a lot, and has a long shift (12 hours).. we do what we can and when we can.
Do they calm your nerves when your stressing in the TWW? It's only month 2, so I'm not really stressing or anything yet. I know it can take time.
Did they change any habits to help out TTC like taking vitamins, drink less, exercise, eat healthy? We both eat pretty healthy to begin with, don't need to change those habits. We only drink a few times a week, not gonna really change that. I don't think twice a week will do harm. We both take vitamins and exercise already.
Read any books/websites/pamphlets lol? - He's a physician, he doesn't really need to lol.. he knows a lot more than I do!!

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