Topic: 3rd beta!!!
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October 20th, 2013, 02:52 PM
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1st 27

2nd 60

3rd 128!!!!!

Woooooo! Yay for doubling betas!

The nurse said she'd call me tomorrow or Tuesday with a "game plan". They probably will do an early ultrasound 4-5 weeks to see if they can see a sack and rule out ectopic. (previous ectopic) and then another one for a heartbeat around 6 weeks.

From my LMP I'm like 5 weeks to them.

BUT I ovulated late. I'm only like 16 DPO. So I'm really only 4 weeks. I found out SUPER early. They said they would use an ultrasound to figure an exact due date.

Keep growing baby bean!

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