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October 20th, 2013, 07:02 PM
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If they were all great quality, I would transfer two. Besides that fact that caring for three babies would be rough, triplet pregnancies carries a lot of risks. I know that it is rare that all three would take, but I would really research all the possible complications and think seriously if you are willing to take the risk. However, if I had to choose between taking a risk of triplets or no baby....I would transfer 3.

Sorry, my advice is all over the place. You know I'm having twins, and I'm not complaining about the extra doctor's appointment or even that this pregnancy has been really difficult, I just worry that my body won't support two babies, or something will go wrong with this pregnancy.

In the end, it is your body and you know what is best for you, but I could completely understand you deciding either way. It's a hard choice, and I'm praying you have several blasts and don't have to make the decision.
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