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October 20th, 2013, 10:24 PM
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If it was anyone else I wouldn't even have noticed they said it more than likely. But I have known this particular person for years now and I know how they are......It was simply the way she decided to put it out there....If I had asked for the recommendation, that is one thing, but we did not......While I am very appreciative, or was for the help, you kind of negate any of the "goodness" in your actions as far as I go when you decide to throw it in my face....I definately appreciate the gesture, it was a thoughtful thing to do, but you shouldn't then tell a person what they should husband was working....he couldn't answer any calls at the time....and they were getting pissed off because he wasn't answering....even after I told her he was at work....she was still pissy....sorry....its just frustrating.... Julie I am soo with you, I DO NOT reccommend anyone for anything, EVER....I may suggest things to close friends or family, but I do not reccommend people for positions, put in a good word, nor anything else of the sort....then I don't feel slighted and no one feels obligated....I just do not see how she had the right to act the way she did about it, at all....I am just sooo not a people person while pregnant it seems.....i am not handling ignorant very well these days
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