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October 21st, 2013, 07:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Irshtripletsmommy View Post
A week?? Now I'm more worried. Why did it take so long for your daughter? I already broke down crying halfway through dinner tonight. I just want my baby home.
As far as a syringe, I didn't think about that and they didn't mention it as an option. I'm using this manual pump just to make sure I get my milk in and it's way too small and is causing me quite a bit of pain ugh.
Mine had it pretty bad apparently and like I said it was only 2 days so don't freak please! I think I ended up only giving like 30 ccs (like an oz) of formula too, so if you're giving more the lo should hopefully get better sooner! It's so scary seeing them under those lights
And Maefayne should be right - they should have an electric pump although it really did nothing for me - I don't think I had the patience since my lo was crying, but I was able to keep the supplies!

*Maenfayne, sorry. Jm is being dumb and wont let me edit.
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