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October 21st, 2013, 12:28 PM
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At least thats how I read this hogwash, and I admit to only skimming after halfway cause I was shaking my head so much. The title alone makes me wanna

Does daycare turn children into monsters? Kids who have childminders are 'more likely to have behavioural problems' | Mail Online

Heh maybe I should show this to all the people that told me I was wrong for not putting my kid in daycare. I wasnt working and day care is crazy expensive!! "Oh she wont learn to get along with other kids, she has to learn or she'll be screwed when she starts kidnergarten cause she'll just cry for mommy all day and won't have any friends" Maybe thats why this bugs me, my own experiences being put down for my choices

I gotta stop reading this stuff when I feel like crap and in a crappy mood lol.

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