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October 21st, 2013, 12:48 PM
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Well the last line says it's quality not necessarily environment, but it does make sense to me that being in a group would make kids more energetic, I don't think most should be classified as hyperactive but I think that diagnosis is overused now a days, so I'm a little biased there. Back to my point, think about the difference between something like being in a gym or group and exercising on your own right, you're more motivated to keep going next to other people that are moving versus being on your own setting your own pace. The same is true with kids, they're in a group setting with lots of moving kids playing and running around in a day care or group, so it would stand to reason that they would want to do the same and once out of that group for the day, it would be unlikely to change since people in general don't have off switches. Kids that set their own pace in a stay at home or nanny situation that have one on one attention are probably not going to have the same energy level just because there isn't constant movement to keep up with like in a group.
I personally don't care for day care but I think it's because of the area I'm in, there are way to many home day cares that just aren't acceptable in my opinion and the ones that are licensed aren't much better and it's all way overpriced.
Still, I don't judge those who choose to use them, that's their decision and if it's right for them, so be it. Not everybody wants to or can be around their kids 24/7 lol
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