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October 21st, 2013, 07:29 PM
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Oh no! I'm so sorry Julie Aurora was in the hospital for Jaundice for 56 hours. She was lethargic and it was "bad" according to the doctors. It just depends on how well baby responds to the light therapy. I hope it's just a super quick stint and your precious babe is out quicker than you imagine. It's hell being away from your child or even being with them while they're in the hospital. If you need to vent, I'm here to listen.

As far as the pumping and pain goes, those funnel thingies for your boobs so you can pump (I hope that makes sense. I dunno what else to call them) that your nipples go in, are you saying those are too small which is causing it to hurt? They have different size funnel thingies and this might be TMI but when I used them, I had to use the bigger ones or my nipples went to the size of silver dollars, hurt like heck and just over all made it 10 times harder to WANT to pump. Medea symphony electric pumps are usually provided in the hospital for you to use while there. It helps to turn it on a super low setting to start off with then gradually increase speed. I hope I'm not over stepping any boundaries by giving you any of this information. Just trying to help. Have no shame if you just can't do it and want to formula feed though or end up formula feeding. Your baby is getting nutrients either way and that's what's most important in my opinion.
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