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October 21st, 2013, 08:59 PM
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"Where are you in your hb journey?
Newly pregnant looking at options?
Set in your plan?
Previous hb mom?"

I'm newly pregnant, but have older children. I had them both in different hospitals, and while the experiences were overall positive, they both lacked the control and relaxation I wanted. Both times, I was pushed into interventions (epidurals followed by pitocin or vice versa), and in my first came dangerously close to a c-section because I wasn't "progressing" enough.

This time, I know what I want. I want to be at home, where I am most comfortable and with my family. I do not want anyone to pressure me and I want to feel secure in my body's abilities.

Basically, the only things that will stop me from having a home birth at this point are being told it's not a good move by a midwife (I did have a problem during my last labor where the placenta did not detach completely and the doctor had to retrieve it manually, but that has been the only difficulty), or having insurance refuse to cover it.

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