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October 22nd, 2013, 06:36 AM
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26- Joanna- Elective ultrasound
26th- RY- Midwife check up
27th- Nicole- 16 week check up
30th- Cassi- Check up and genetic testing


3rd- Errin- Ob check up, Demi- Anatomy scan & Ob check up, Ashley- Midwife check up
6th- Amy- Anatomy scan, Autummn- Ob appointment
9th- Erin- Centering appointment
10th- Missy- Anatomy scan/gender check, Sarah- OB check up
13th- Roxanne- Anatomy/gender scan
14th- Susie- Anatomy scan/gender check, Roxanne- Midwife check up
15th- Mel- OB Check-up/Get IPS Results
16th- Amy- Midwife appointment
17th- Joanna- 20 week appointment & anatomy scan
22nd- Mel- Anatomy Scan
23rd- Autummn- Anatomy scan
24th- Ry- Midwife appointment
29th- Nicole- Anatomy scan/gender check, Cassi- Anatomy scan/gender check!!
30th- Rachel- Anatomy/gender check

4th- Ry Anatomy scan
6th- Erin Centering appointment

20th- Erin- Centering appointment

3rd- Erin- Centering appointment
April 17 Erin- Centering appointment

1-Erin- Centering appointment
May 15- Erin- Centering appointment
May 29- Erin- Centering appointment

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Missing my sweet little boy, RIP Baby Sullivan Parker
1-3-14 18 weeks gestation (measuring 20 weeks at scan)

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