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October 22nd, 2013, 08:55 AM
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Tons of variety on there! For a sibset, I'd be inclined to stick to one basic "theme" (aka: I could never personally do a Jacob and a Hamish together. I just feel they are "too" different. But that's a personal opinion). But there are lots I like:

Micah (I really like this one)

And Mattea is really fresh and interesting. Not my style, but I can't help but have positive connotations with it. It's cute.

I really dislike: Hunter (I once read that this was the most disliked name ever. Not that it really affected my opinion of it, I never much liked it. Although my husband really wanted a Hunter), Fletcher, River, and Hamish for boys. And Jasmine, Ruby, Montana, and Dakota for girls. I even tend to shy away from Violet, but it's still elegant, so I can't dislike it. I don't like plants, states, gems, or anything of the like for kids names. Plus, they are all up-and-coming. Which after my "Liam fiasco," I tend to go away from the rising names.
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