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October 22nd, 2013, 09:34 AM
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This week we are going to really examine the role ego is playing in our lives. It's much more than just positive thoughts versus negative thoughts this week. We are still going to monitor our thoughts, breathe, sit in silence (please lengthen your time by 5 minutes) and do all the things we've been doing.. but in addition, we are going to really pay attention to our interactions with others. What are our intentions as we speak, write, talk to others? When we are in traffic or a long line, what is our emotional state like? When we are frustrated with a service or a person.. where is our intention? Is it still aimed at finding compassion for that person, for yourself, or is that piece of yourself easily derailed by Ego? Are we giving to others to get something in return? Are we hoping to be right or superior to others in some way? Are we placing expectations on others? Or even on Spirit and ourselves which are backfiring and stunting our growt?. Or are we acting from love for the sake of love, from compassion, understanding, patience.. where are we acting from? Literally, this week we examine thoughts, actions, words and feelings.

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