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October 22nd, 2013, 09:59 AM
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I have been on the NUVARING for the past 5 months and last month stopped and am now 3 days late with very minimal period cramps. I took a Rite Aid test and a very faint line showed up which later on turned to a dark thin line, took 3 Dollar Tree tests at all different times and each time it was negative at first but later on ( past the 10 min mark) each one showed up positive. The one I just took the faint line showed up just after the 10 min mark making that my 4th one, each test shows a line eventually. I am just very confused and before I start making myself crazy, I was curious what everyone thought or experienced themselves. I am a very happy mother of 2 already but never experienced that. I think its my body getting adjusted after the NUVARING causing my period to be late, but the confusing tests have me wondering.
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