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October 22nd, 2013, 12:19 PM
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I've done it with each pregnancy, and believe it or not, DD1 believes which gifts that brother and sister have given her, and DS remembers that DD2 gave him his glow-worm (seahorse). So... Yes. We'll do this one more time, but I doubt DD2 will remember what baby gives her (the others, I"m sure, will remind her).

So, the older 2 have been begging for a flashlight friend (yes, like on the commercials), so they'll each get one. I almost hope this will actually help DS go back to bed at night on his own, too! And we have a baby Cinderella doll downstairs in our stash of Christmas items we didn't use up last Christmas, and DD2 is now into baby dolls like you won't believe, so she'll get that.

As for gift FOR baby from siblings, they will all give her 1 thing together, and something cute and small at that maybe a blanket buddie animal thing (the small ones for NB's) or whatever they pick out from the NB aisle.
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