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October 22nd, 2013, 02:27 PM
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So I am 9 weeks pregnant and I'm 35. I realize that being 35 immediately puts me into the scary age category. I had a dr's appt last wednesday and it wasnt what i expected. I met with a midwife and a nurse who basically went through all of my past obgyn history. They brought up genetic testing or the testing for trisonomy (downs testing) many times, they really pushed it and this upset my husband. I wasnt suprised it was mentioned...although did it have to come up at the first appt? Basically we left feeling worried and uncomfortable.

In 2011 i had a sonagram because it was thought that i had polyps or fibroids. I did not, but they dr though my uterus shape was questionable. She thought it could be Bicornuate which could lead to difficulty when carrying a baby. She basically said let's not worry about it now.

Then on Friday I had a sonagram or an ultrasound. Saw the baby and things looked good. Saw the spine, the heartbeat, little legs and arms. Left feeling good.

TODAY i get a call from them saying that my uterus shape is STILL questionable and they did not get a good view of my right ovary. They did tell me on friday that the baby came from the left ovary. Why do they need to see the right one? And HOW difficult could it be to see the shape of uterus especially when someone is pregnant? I'm in the process of switching obgyns. I felt this way before all this happened basically because i dont like the hospital i'd have to give birth at through them.

So far this has not been a very pleasant experience and i thought it would be. I realize there are risks that something could be wrong with the baby, God forbid, but I dont need this other stress. I'm feeling like they are not very professional for now twice not being able to get a good reading...and i cant go back until Nov 20th now so i'll be waiting in stress!
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