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October 22nd, 2013, 11:42 PM
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That sucks. Maybe he will change his mind. You still have a week!

My in laws left today... They were here to help during/after my husband's surgery. I'm kinda glad they are gone because while they do help, they also do things that irritate me just because it isn't how we do things at out house. Most of it is dumb stuff that doesn't matter, but it still irritates me. I love them, but I love them more when they aren't in my house.

I tried to go buy "sleep" books today on my way to the gym & the bookstore is now a golf store! Ugh. Lol. So I'll have to go tomorrow. But, I read some excerpts from "the no cry sleep solution" online (which is the main book I wanted to get) and I tried some of it tonight. And it only took me an hour to get Porter to stay asleep (as opposed to 3) and I didn't start trying it until after I had tried to put him down once. So, once I actually did, he stayed asleep when I put him down and has been asleep since. (2 hours.) I haven't gotten to sleep yet because I have a baby for a husband right now as well. Haha.

And of course I just jinxed myself and he woke up. Bah.