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October 23rd, 2013, 12:56 AM
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I loved my moby for my newborn, but she was born in February (so heat wasnt' an issue), and I didn't mind the wrapping. Loved how close it kept her. I chose it over the K'tan because it had a linen insert in the front which I read would keep it from stretching out too much and having to be replaced down the road. That was just my thing though. I also have a ring sling for super quick trips out of the car, and potentially nursing, although never needed it for that. I got a Beco Butterfly 2 when she was 7 ish months because one thing I didn't love about a wrap was I really felt it wasn't hands free, I always felt I needed to keep a hand on her.
A good SSC are the best for this, haven't tried with a newborn but my sis-in-law has an ergo and used it easily with her small baby, worked great, once we were at a banquet, she got baby to sleep, slipped the carrier on and ate her meal in peace with two hands!! I was AMAZED! ( she would have woken up if put in the stroller, plus it was a buffet so she would have had to wheel it through the line-up with her.)
I still think I'll like the Moby for the cuddliness, for easy walks without a stroller where the other two are running around in the park etc. or we are on a family outing where DH can handle the older two, for general being at home where I'm just supervising or reading stories, making lunch with one hand etc. I'll like my Beco for being hands FREE, so excited for that.
I have heard the wraps can be difficult for older babies if you have back issues or they are a super heavy little one, so be mindful of that. Also, if you have a good used listings in your area, like craigslist you can find barely used carriers of all kinds for pretty cheap, an option for if you decide you want an ergo or something when baby is bigger.
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