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October 23rd, 2013, 09:33 AM
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Oh the ones in public are so embarrassing. thankfully we have only had one big one and DH had to take him screaming and crying to the car and then when we got home we made him sit at the kitchen table for the rest of the afternoon. So I think he sat there for over an hour but this was a really bad tantrum and he's 4 so we wanted to try to make sure that it never happened again. It was over a pair of shoes that I wouldn't buy him so we also are now refusing to buy the shoes. It must have worked because we haven't had any more like that.

When he has one at home they are not usually too bad so I just make him sit in the corner for about 15 minutes and that seems to calm him down. Every once in awhile he kicks the wall so we just add 5 minutes onto his time for every kick. I just can't seem to spank him so I don't do that. DH has only done that twice and I know the first one was for biting DH and the second one was when he knocked his brother over and made him bust his chin on the side of the bathtub. So we don't spank often and it does seem like time out works for him so I'm thankful for that.

he's 4 though so I'm just wondering when do the tantrums end.

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