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October 23rd, 2013, 11:32 AM
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Hey ladies! I had a c section last Nov and I'm 23 weeks pregnant. My ob is not allowing me to attempt a vbac because They require 18 months between births to attempt one, it will only be 14.5 months between. I agreed to the c section but hoped I'd go into labor on my own and make it ti the hospital just in time to push lol. I recently decided that I'm not ok with scheduling a c section, I feel like I have to try for a vbac. If it ends in c section thats fine but at least I tried. So, I've been looking for someone who will let me attempt a vbac and I found a midwife who like 12 months between! She's reviewed my c section records and says I'm good to try. I am going to set up an appointment and talk with her. Last week I was told that the placenta is close to my cervix, so that may be an issue (I don't have much info yet, the US tech mentioned it)

Oh, little background. First pregnancy I went into labor on my own at 40+6 weeks. Got to 10 cm and 100% in about 11 hours. The reason they gave for the c section was failure to progress because ds head wouldn't go past station 0...I never even got a chance to push Then he started having heart distress after they broke my water.

Anyway, I'm super scared and nervous but excited to try. Who here is attempting their first vbac? Who has had a successful vbac? Anyone attempting or had a vbac with less than 18 months between births?
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