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October 23rd, 2013, 11:50 AM
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This is something that is relatively easy for me. The way people react around me sometimes makes me upset (I will tell a story to illustrate) but, for me, it isn't bad.

At home, if she really starts to have a major tantrum, I first try to calm her down. If it turns into hitting, kicking, screaming, I put her in her room to calm down with the door locked.

In public, if she melts down, I let her. I kneel down and rub her back. If she gets worse, I go outside with her in the cool air to calm her down. If that doesn't work I go home.

She had a meltdown in the Mall on Saturday and I was letting her melt down and was getting ready to kneel down next to her when a random lady (about my mom's age) pretty much scolded me for letting her scream face to the floor because it was dirty. She got down to Marsi's level and tried to pick her up. Yeah, I wanted to smack her. Don't touch my baby lady! It takes me a little longer to get on the ground next to her now with my obviously pregnant belly.

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