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October 23rd, 2013, 04:26 PM
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Doing good here tons of bh's and some actually are getting more and more uncomfortable, and i wanna kill my ob, last week i saw one of the 3 ob's in the practice and he told me he would induce on the 29th so i assumed he had at least noted it on my chart,

so yesterday i go in for my 38 week check and there's a different ob that I've never seen so i ask him what time i need to go in on the 29th and he looks it up and says there's nothing about it in the files and hes not comfortable setting up an induction till my 39 week visit (which is the 29th btw) so now i don't know what to think, ive been snapping at e1 in my house since i got home yesterday..

ughhh sorry for ranting

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